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Apostolic Alert #4

Concerning the Laws of Abortion: How to reverse the curse caused by the Implementation of the Law of Abortion  ? A. Spiritual Leaders have to come together in unity.  Repenting (on behalf) the Spiritual Leaders of the 90’s for keeping silent in the 90’s. Asking GOD to forgive their silence.  Asking GOD to forgive all of us as we…
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Apostolic Alert #1

Many Leaders are right now in an ultimate testing time of the Lord. God is testing various items like i.e. idolatry, humility and faithfulness! Why? God is right now preparing the positioning of many, many, many sons and daughters. Before the ultimate positioning takes place, which is in about 6-9 months, leaders need to be…
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Apostolic Alert #2

Consider your ways! Examine your hearts! Haggai 1:5-7 / 1 Cor.11:28 / 2 Cor.13:5. It is time to get rid of impurity in the heart! Get the idols out! For too long Leaders did not / do not see / recognize Gods plans. As a main consequence there is a huge price to pay by…
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Apostolic Alert #3

We are living in the LAST HOUR! Yesterday our church went to another church. We celebrated JESUS, the CHRIST, together in UNITY. The pastor asked me, upon arrival, to preach the Word of GOD. No message prepared on beforehand! As I was seeking the LORD for HIS HEART to be expressed the following scriptures came…
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