School of Ministry | God's Marines

Become a member of the Lord’s army now!

In one week you will be equipped with a foundational knowledge of Apostolic Reformation, Apostolic Praise & Worship, Apostolic Intercession, Tabernacle, End Times, and Glory.

These subjects are very deep; therefore, we suggest God’s Marines School of Ministry is purposed for believers who are hungry for God and His plans for their lives, churches, regions, and nations.

God’s Marines School of Ministry will turn your life upside down. It will radically change your perception of the life of a follower of Jesus Christ and of the Kingdom of God.
For too long the Church did not exercise her God-given authority in Christ. With this God-ordained training, you will return to your base, equipped with strong Word-based knowledge to execute your call and mandate.

After this training, you will also be able to take your church/homegroup to a higher level in Christ to achieve Apostolic Reformation and to prepare the Bride of Christ for the wedding feast of the Lamb. It is time to wake up!
1 Timothy 2:15 says: Study yourselves approved unto God.

We offer a full-time and a part-time option. The tuition fees for the full-time option include accommodation, book, full-board. Transport at own expense. Couples may opt for a discount.